Welcome to Your new co-owner!

Hey Weevils!,

Hello Welcome back to Super Mulch Weevils! A Bin Weevils Blog supporting You with all the Best Bin Weevils news in town!. My name is Doshy and i am your new co-owner, i will be checking this blog to see if its going good!.

Some Facts About me:

  • I Am on level 22
  • I Love minecraft
  • I Love blogging
  • My weevil Name is Doshy

So There are some facts about me. Don’t be shy and visit me in the bin! i am sometimes at flums to hang out with my buddys or i’m at figgs having food!.


This is currently my weevil look.

Hope you like this post,


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Welcome To Super Mulch Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hello and welcome to Super Mulch Weevils,the best Bin Weevils fan site for your weevily Bin Weevil needs! Here, we have weevil trackers, gardens and more! We also have a transparent header, which goes well with the blog!

We currently need some authors, so if you want to join, please leave some feedback below and we will get to you as soon as possible! Thanks for advanced, in reading this post!

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Hello and welcome to Super Mulch Weevils, the most greatest Bin Weevils Cheats Site in all of the Bin!
Here, we have Weevil Trackers and more exclusive stuff, even SWF's!

Want to join us;
Simply comment on a post or page and we will et back to you as soon a possible!